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Welcome to Camera Systems Boston. 

We have changed many pages on this website and are continuing to make changes and improvements as time permits. We are focusing on our affordable solar cameras and systems as well as the high end professional cameras and systems because we see a lack of such systems being offered. 

Solar powered wireless camera systemsHigh end professional cameras



Babineau Systems owns and created this website and many others to provide people with the knowledge and access to products and technology that many others fail to offer or disclose. If you have have interest in these products, we have many ways to contact us or purchase them. The simplest means is our contact form below.

We do like people to comment on our blogs but due to the many spammers out there, we require that you subscribe to our blogs and we monitor what is posted to ensure that our readers see information that is pertinent to the subject matter. We have already had many attempts at displaying such things as handbags, health articles, and other such junk. We will continue to be vigilant in our pursuit that our websites will contain information only on the subject matter of the pages. If you wish something posted for our readers, we will review and post for you if it benefits our readers.